Trigeminal Nerve

The trigeminal nerve is the largest nerve of the twelve head and neck nerves. It is responsible for supplying sensations from the brain to the face, eyes and teeth. It has three branches, which is why it’s called the “Twin of Three.”

The main branch of the trigeminal nerve originated from the brain stem, then it branches to three. the top branch is called the Ophthalmic branch. It goes in to the eye ball. The second branch goes to the face. It is call the Maxillary branch. The third branch supports the Mandible (Mandibular branch), which controls the muscles used for chewing.

Trigeminal neuralgia is the pain which stems from this nerve. Treatment for it is often by medication. The newest, most successful treatment is by a well-trained dentist. This trigeminal neuralgia treatment is without medication or surgery.

The trigeminal nerve carries sensation from the face to the brain. It’s most common in women over age 50. Symptoms range from mild to severe facial pain, often triggered by chewing, speaking, or brushing the teeth.

Trigeminal neuralgia is very painful and debilitating. Proper treatment is a must to improve the quality of life. Quite often the cause of trigeminal neuralgia stems from a misaligned bite. If we correct the bite, the nerve will calm down.

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