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Owasso Porcelain Onlays

A middle-aged couple embrace. The woman shows all her teeth as she laughs. Restoring teeth with porcelain onlays can give you a similar confidence in your smile.Essentially a partial crown, an onlay is perfect for a tooth that needs something stronger and bigger than a typical filling, but doesn’t quite need a full dental crown. An onlay is an in-between type of restoration that delivers the best of both worlds. It combines the strength of a solid ceramic crown with the minimal coverage of a dental filling, making it a conservative and healthy dental restoration.

At Elite Dental Group, Dr. Heng Lim designs and places metal-free porcelain onlays.

Do You Need an Onlay?

These are the most common reasons some people choose to get an onlay instead of a filling or a crown:

  • They want to replace an aged or failing filling with a restoration that makes their tooth look whole again
  • A cusp of their tooth is damaged, but the rest of the tooth is healthy
  • There is a large cavity that may be too big for a dental filling

If you can relate to any of these situations, then an onlay may be an excellent choice for you. Even if you aren’t sure which kind of restoration you need, you can find out by visiting Dr. Lim. He is a whole-health dentist who only places metal-free restorations to promote both oral and overall health. He will explain both your restorative treatment needs and the rationale behind the treatment type he recommends.

How Dr. Lim Makes Porcelain Onlays

Here at our Owasso dental practice, Dr. Lim can provide you with a custom-designed porcelain onlay in just a single visit. We have a CEREC machine, which helps design the restoration and then mills the onlay right here on site.

First, Dr. Lim will prepare your tooth by removing the damaged and decayed areas. Next, he will scan your prepared tooth with a digital instrument that creates a three-dimensional image of your teeth. This image is sent to the CEREC computer which helps calculate the precise shape and dimensions of your onlay. After that, the blueprint is sent to the milling machine which creates the onlay. Dr. Lim will then try the onlay out in your mouth and show you what it looks like. If everything looks good, Dr. Lim will bond it to your tooth.

To explore the possibility of getting an onlay, schedule a visit with Dr. Lim. Call us or request an appointment online.