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Are you searching for a dentist who can provide you with metal-free restorations? Dr. Heng Lim is a dentist who takes a whole-health approach to dentistry by designing and placing crowns, onlays, and other restorations that contain no metal.

Metal Crowns—A Thing of the Past

In decades past, metal was the material of choice for repairing teeth with strong and durable restorations. The metal core would be coated with porcelain to create a more natural appearance.

Porcelain-covered metal crowns are considered problematic in modern times for several reasons:

  • Some people have allergies to nickel or other metals that are used in many metal crowns.
  • The porcelain coating can chip off to reveal unsightly dark spots.
  • The metal core may show through at the crown margin, leaving a faint dark line underneath the gums which becomes more prominent as the gums recede.
  • The porcelain coating looks unnaturally chalky and fake next to natural teeth.


A woman's smile is shown with four crowns on her upper front teeth that look chalky and fake because they are made of metal covered with porcelain. A metal-free dentist places all-porcelain crowns.
Teeth with porcelain-covered metal crowns look fake.


The same woman's teeth are shown again, but this time they have bee covered with all-porcelain crowns by a metal-free dentist.
The same teeth look perfectly natural once covered with pure porcelain crowns.


While metal lends strength to a dental crown, it has to be covered in dense layers of porcelain to make it blend in with the color of the surrounding teeth. But what you gain in masking that metal core, you lose in translucency, a defining quality of natural tooth enamel.

Tooth-Colored Crowns by a Metal-Free Dentist

Dr. Lim places crowns that are made from pure porcelain. He custom-designs each crown or bridge and then bonds the porcelain restoration directly to the prepared tooth (or teeth, in the case of a bridge). There are no metal layers.

Dr. Lim also designs crowns from a material called lithium disilicate. These crowns can often be fabricated and placed in a single appointment with the help of CEREC technology, and they’re ideal for molars that need extra-strong crowns to resist the forces of biting and grinding. Additionally, Dr. Lim uses zirconia crowns to restore dental implants. All the materials he uses in his restorations are biocompatible and durable.

Would you like to restore your smile with a metal-free crown or bridge? A dental examination with Dr. Lim can get you started. He will examine your teeth and let you know which metal-free restorations can help you achieve the look you want.

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