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Persistent bad breath no matter how much I brush.

A woman covers her mouth with her hand in embarrassment due to bad breath. A dentist can help her have fresher breath.








I have an embarrassing and frustrating problem. Even though I brush my teeth every day, my breath still smells terrible. I’ve noticed that people will lean away from me and turn their heads to the side when I’m talking to them, so I know my bad breath has reached the point that it’s affecting my social life.

Do you have any suggestions about what I can do?

– Karen from Albany, NY

Dear Karen,

Having persistent bad breath can be quite a distressing problem, as it can take a toll on your relationships and social interactions.

There are two things you can do to try to resolve your issue and improve your quality of life.

Step #1: Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Start by taking a look at your oral hygiene routine. You may be brushing once or even twice a day, but that may not be enough to keep up with the bad breath-causing bacteria.

Mouth odors are often caused by vapors released by the bacteria that make up dental plaque. This soft film of germs can grow on many surfaces of your mouth, including your teeth and tongue. Try flossing your teeth and then cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Doing so will remove a significant amount of the plaque bacteria that could be releasing foul odors.

You may also find it helpful to incorporate an antimicrobial mouthwash into your daily routine. Used several minutes after brushing, a mouth rinse can reduce the levels of residual bacteria in your mouth and keep your breath fresher between brushings.

Step #2: See a Dentist

If you find that improving your oral hygiene doesn’t freshen your breath, then the second thing you can do is visit a dentist.

A dentist can:

  • Recommend or even prescribe powerful oral hygiene products that can improve your breath
  • Detect and diagnose underlying oral health problems that may be causing bad breath
  • Provide you with treatment for gum disease and other oral and dental infections that often cause bad breath

It may simply be that you are due for a dental checkup, and there’s no one better qualified than a dentist to help you get rid of bad breath!

This post has been published on behalf of Owasso dentist Dr. Heng Lim.