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My Top Teeth Don’t Show When I Smile

When I smile, you can barely see my upper teeth. Sometimes when the weather is cold, my jaw feels tight, and I cannot pronounce certain words. I am self-conscious about it. I want to do something about it. I wear a night guard for teeth grinding and jaw and neck pain. I saw a dentist […]


Why does my mouth look like it’s caving in?

I have no idea what exactly is causing it, but my mouth seems to be collapsing over time and I hate the way it looks. For one thing, it’s hard to show my upper teeth with a natural-looking smile. I also have a hard time speaking and I experience jaw pain quite often now. My […]


After getting new crowns on my front teeth, my bite feels awkward.

I chipped my upper front teeth in an accident when I was younger, and I’ve had the same dental bonding on them that the dentist placed almost 30 years ago. The bonding has held up well all these years, but it was starting to look old and discolored. So when my current dentist recommended crowning […]


How do I find a legitimate neuromuscular dentist?

I’ve had a teeth-grinding habit for as long as I can remember. It got to the point where I had crowns on all of my teeth by the time I was in my mid-twenties. But they weren’t placed correctly and I’ve ground them down, as well. The crowns didn’t look that great to begin with, […]