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How Many Times Can My Dentist Replace My Implant Crown?

After four tries, my dentist still can’t get my implant color right. Unfortunately, I think she has given up. My dentist explains that the color is challenging to match with my natural teeth to the right and the crown to the left. I do not understand that because my previous dentist matched the crown to […]


My dentist gave me an implant despite knowing there wasn’t enough bone in my jaw.

I had to have a tooth pulled recently, and I felt self-conscious about the gap in my smile. So when my dentist recommended an implant, I agreed. My dentist said that the bone in my jaw was ready for an implant, so we scheduled the procedure. But after the surgery was done, my dentist told […]


Help! My dental implants fell out after just three days.

I’ve wanted to have a more stable bite for a few years now, so I recently decided to go ahead and get dental implants to give my denture more support. The dentist I saw told me I needed eight implants in total, and said they’ll cost me about $2,000 each. That’s a lot of money, […]


Is it worth it to save my last two upper teeth, or should I replace them?

I have just two teeth left on top, my upper front teeth, and I currently wear an upper partial denture to replace the rest of the teeth whenever I go out or need to chew tougher foods like steak. Otherwise, I can manage most foods just fine with my two upper teeth and remaining lower […]


Who is the best implant dentist: a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or a general dentist?

Can you clear something up for me? I’m confused about who I should see to get a dental implant because I originally thought that there was just one implant specialist who does this kind of treatment. But wherever I look, I see periodontists, dentists, and oral surgeons all advertising implants. I’m trying to get a […]