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Where can I get discounted dental treatment? And is it worth it?

Do you know where I can get discounted dental care? I don’t have dental insurance and I’m wondering if there are any dental schools that need patients to practice on. I’ve heard I can get affordable dental treatment if I visit a dental school, but I don’t know how to apply. I’m also a little […]


Is it safe for a hygienist to use an ultrasonic scaler on my porcelain veneers?

I recently got some lovely new porcelain veneers placed, and I just had my first dental cleaning since I got them. The hygienist used that water-blasting thing to clean my teeth. She said it’s called an “ultrasonic scaler.” I’m not sure how it works, but it made me a little nervous. Ever since spending all […]


Is it necessary to rinse before a hygiene appointment?

I recently had a dental cleaning, and it was my first one since the COVID pandemic started. I know I’m long overdue, but I was surprised at how many things had changed since I last stepped foot in a dental office. For example, the hygienist had me rinse with a little hydrogen peroxide at the […]