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My dentist gave me an implant despite knowing there wasn’t enough bone in my jaw.

I had to have a tooth pulled recently, and I felt self-conscious about the gap in my smile. So when my dentist recommended an implant, I agreed. My dentist said that the bone in my jaw was ready for an implant, so we scheduled the procedure. But after the surgery was done, my dentist told […]


Braces ruined my bite, so my dentist says that I need crowns on all of my teeth.

I had braces when I was younger. I thought orthodontic treatment was supposed to fix my bite, but my current dentist told me that my bite was “off” and he says that I now need full-mouth reconstruction. There’s nothing about my bite that bothers me, though. And I can’t afford to get the number of […]


Why does my mouth look like it’s caving in?

I have no idea what exactly is causing it, but my mouth seems to be collapsing over time and I hate the way it looks. For one thing, it’s hard to show my upper teeth with a natural-looking smile. I also have a hard time speaking and I experience jaw pain quite often now. My […]