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I think my dentist damaged my dental bridge while adjusting my bite, and now the metal underneath is showing.

I’ve had a porcelain-covered metal bridge in my mouth for more than two decades. I grind my teeth a lot and while I know I should wear a mouth guard, I simply can’t afford one right now. Even so, my teeth grinding has never caused any damage to my bridge. I had to get a […]


My porcelain veneers keep coming off. Is this normal?

I’ve been seeing the same dentist for the past four years, and she recently started fixing my teeth with dental veneers. The problem is, they keep coming off and causing me a lot of embarrassment and frustration. My front teeth weren’t too bad to begin with. They were a bit yellow and a little chipped. […]


Dentist damaged my son’s tooth while removing his orthodontic retainer. Is a root canal necessary?

My son wore braces for a year and half and has had a fixed retainer on the inside of his lower front teeth for the past three years. The dentist was trying to remove the retainer recently, and it seems that he damaged one of my son’s lower teeth in the process. The tooth began […]