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After getting new crowns on my front teeth, my bite feels awkward.

I chipped my upper front teeth in an accident when I was younger, and I’ve had the same dental bonding on them that the dentist placed almost 30 years ago. The bonding has held up well all these years, but it was starting to look old and discolored. So when my current dentist recommended crowning […]


Is it worth it to save my last two upper teeth, or should I replace them?

I have just two teeth left on top, my upper front teeth, and I currently wear an upper partial denture to replace the rest of the teeth whenever I go out or need to chew tougher foods like steak. Otherwise, I can manage most foods just fine with my two upper teeth and remaining lower […]


Persistent bad breath no matter how much I brush.

              I have an embarrassing and frustrating problem. Even though I brush my teeth every day, my breath still smells terrible. I’ve noticed that people will lean away from me and turn their heads to the side when I’m talking to them, so I know my bad breath has […]


My dentist did a terrible job with my dental bonding.

I chipped my two front teeth on a saxophone back when I used to play in my high school band and my family dentist had fixed them with some dental bonding. That was years ago, and the bonding had discolored, so I asked my current dentist to fix it. All I wanted was to get […]


Invisalign didn’t work for me. What should I do now?

My front teeth were crowded and my midline was off, so I started Invisalign treatment in January 2019 with a general dentist. I was told my treatment should take about 9 months and my dentist gave me a quote, which I agreed to. But as it turned out, 9 months wasn’t long enough to correct […]


This is why you shouldn’t let your family dentist place your porcelain veneers

I had some dental bonding on an upper front tooth for a few years, but it came off recently. I went to see my family dentist for help, and she recommended crowning the tooth. She said that since I was missing about ⅕ of my tooth, it couldn’t be bonded again. I thought a crown […]